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Our Story

It all started with a few friends from Toronto, seeking the need to improve the fashion-tech industry. They wanted to reduce the fast-fashion footprint while being socially conscious. Growing up they would swap clothes with friends and sibling in order to expand their wardrobe, save money, and reduce waste . Little did they know that eventually this would become the better-wardrobe movement - à pois.

à pois is an ever-growing community that enables women to explore their curiosity in fashion. With premium clothing selections and top of the line quality control, your only worry is having too many options.

Our Mission

Change a lot for not a lot. Join the better-wardrobe movement.

At à pois, we are here to make outfit-pairing fun again. Whether you find buying clothes overwhelming or you are a fashionista, we make sure that you always find the best way to love your wardrobe again. We strive to empower woman of all types and share the passion in the world of fashion, while being socially conscious.

Our Service

Your better-wardrobe starts here. We are the first Canadian company that will allow for an extensive clothing selection as a subscription model, for the fashion forward individuals. Every piece of clothing is curated by our in-house stylists and once returned they are refreshed by local cleaning professionals with care.

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We want to serve you better than the best. Let us know about your shopping experience, shoot us a question, or fire over a comment, and we'll get back to you.